Miheer Fyzee is a designer of handcrafted masterpieces. With degrees in mechanical engineering from Binghamton University, NY, and product design from IIT Bombay, Miheer has found a truly satisfying career where he can combine engineering perfectionism and artistic creativity. Prior to a career in woodwork, Miheer was an energy engineer and a product designer for various multinational firms in India and abroad.

Miheer is a certified mountaineer and loves trekking, climbing and being one with nature. He finds time to escape every morning amidst the roads and parks where he runs, and every evening amidst his puzzles. During the day he can be found in his workshop with his carpentry team creating work inspired by aeroplanes, architecture and nature, catered for people around the world.



Miheer Fyzee Furniture was founded in 2008. They produce masterpiece furniture from locally available wood and imported wood, from reclaimed resources or from sustainable timber plantations. 

The company rides on the philosophy that wood is a very precious resource that must be respected. Everything that is made at Miheer Fyzee Furniture is built with a 'no compromise' approach and made to last a lifetime. This work ethic is not only applied to durability, but also in design, thus maximising the value of the tree and giving it the respect it deserves. 



Miheer’s team of craftsmen are highly skilled in woodworking, and have been with Miheer since inception of his company in 2008. Under his guidance, this dynamic team developed a passion for pushing the boundaries of perfection with every project. Along with Miheer, they regularly watch videos on European, American and Japanese woodworking techniques that emphasise the importance of perfection. They are an invaluable resource to his company, and have travelled across India with him on project work. 

All Miheer’s craftsmen hail from Gujarat; a part of India which is known for its craftwork and skilled craftsmanship.